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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __repr__
def build_expr

Data Fields


Static Public Attributes

 ADD = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_ADD
 SUB = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_SUB
 MUL = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_MUL
 DIV = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_DIV
 MOD = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_MOD
 GT = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_GT
 LT = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_LT
 EQ = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_EQ
 NE = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_NE
 LOR = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_LOR
 BOR = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_BOR
 LE = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_LE
 GE = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_GE
dictionary op2str_table = {}

Detailed Description


Definition at line 699 of file Builder.py.

Member Function Documentation

def ctrump::Builder::Binary::__init__ (   self,

Definition at line 746 of file Builder.py.

def ctrump::Builder::Binary::__repr__ (   self  ) 

Definition at line 752 of file Builder.py.

def ctrump::Builder::Binary::build_expr (   self,

Definition at line 755 of file Builder.py.

Field Documentation

ctrump::Builder::Binary::ADD = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_ADD [static]

Definition at line 701 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::SUB = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_SUB [static]

Definition at line 702 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::MUL = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_MUL [static]

Definition at line 703 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::DIV = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_DIV [static]

Definition at line 704 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::MOD = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_MOD [static]

Definition at line 705 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::ASSIGN = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_ASSIGN [static]

Definition at line 706 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::GT = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_GT [static]

Definition at line 707 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::LT = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_LT [static]

Definition at line 708 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::EQ = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_EQ [static]

Definition at line 709 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::NE = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_NE [static]

Definition at line 710 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::LAND = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_LAND [static]

Definition at line 711 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::LOR = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_LOR [static]

Definition at line 712 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::BAND = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_BAND [static]

Definition at line 713 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::BOR = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_BOR [static]

Definition at line 714 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::BXOR = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_BXOR [static]

Definition at line 715 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::LSHIFT = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_LSHIFT [static]

Definition at line 716 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::RSHIFT = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_RSHIFT [static]

Definition at line 717 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::LE = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_LE [static]

Definition at line 721 of file Builder.py.

ctrump::Builder::Binary::GE = ctrump.EXPR_BIN_GE [static]

Definition at line 722 of file Builder.py.

dictionary ctrump::Builder::Binary::op2str_table = {} [static]

Definition at line 726 of file Builder.py.

Definition at line 748 of file Builder.py.

Definition at line 749 of file Builder.py.

Definition at line 750 of file Builder.py.

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