BitSet Class Reference

#include <BitSet.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 BitSet (unsigned int nbits=64)
 BitSet (const unsigned long *bits_, unsigned int nlongs)
 ~BitSet ()
void add (unsigned int el)
bool member (unsigned int el) const
 ANTLR_USE_NAMESPACE (std) vector< unsigned int > toArray() const

Private Member Functions

 ANTLR_USE_NAMESPACE (std) vector< bool > storage

Detailed Description

A BitSet to replace java.util.BitSet. Primary differences are that most set operators return new sets as opposed to oring and anding "in place". Further, a number of operations were added. I cannot contain a BitSet because there is no way to access the internal bits (which I need for speed) and, because it is final, I cannot subclass to add functionality. Consider defining set degree. Without access to the bits, I must call a method n times to test the ith bit...ack!

Also seems like or() from util is wrong when size of incoming set is bigger than this.length.

This is a C++ version of the Java class described above, with only a handful of the methods implemented, because we don't need the others at runtime. It's really just a wrapper around vector<bool>, which should probably be changed to a wrapper around bitset, once bitset is more widely available.

Terence Parr, MageLang Institute

Pete Wells

Definition at line 40 of file BitSet.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BitSet::BitSet ( unsigned int  nbits = 64  ) 

BitSet::BitSet ( const unsigned long *  bits_,
unsigned int  nlongs 

BitSet::~BitSet (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

BitSet::ANTLR_USE_NAMESPACE ( std   )  [private]

void BitSet::add ( unsigned int  el  ) 

bool BitSet::member ( unsigned int  el  )  const

BitSet::ANTLR_USE_NAMESPACE ( std   )  const

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